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Global e-commerce made easy! More 

All the services you need to go global, packed in a easy-to-use solution. More

No matter where you are and what devices you use, keep track of your business performance. More

Logistics management, restocking, and lots of complex processes can be automated in order to gain productivity! More 

Are you looking for the e-commerce integrator that can grow your business multichannel and connect it to any third party service? Plugmystore is your solution! More 

Find here a team of E-commerce specialists with transversal skills from E-commerce and marketing to intercultural relationships. Plugmystore offers you reliable à-la-carte support and audit for your expansion strategy. More 

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Who said e-commerce is complicated?

Choose the services and tools you need to increase your sales. Boost your daily productivity using clear design and easy to use interfaces. Discover how easy e-commerce is. See for yourself and enjoy a new business experience tailored by Plugmystore.

The all in one e-commerce solution.

Access a wide range of online services and tools to proficiently manage your inventory, product details, images, pricing, stock levels, translation as well as legal services and more. You can control and tailor the tools available to your needs straight from the interface.

The 24/365 e-commerce solution.

Access our cloud-based e-commerce solution at any time. Wherever you are keep track of your activities on any connected device including your current office hardware and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It is your call.

From stock to promotions, from sales to restocking and repricing: you can rely on Plugmystore to run your business smoothly. It is as simple as setting your own rules and thresholds. You keep control on every processes at any time. Plugmystore increases productivity so that you can master your time focus on business expansion!

The solution that fits your needs.

Europe? United States? Asia?
Enable e-commerce for your business, push your offers live on various sales channels, price comparison engines, and make the most out of third party services!
CMS? Webservice? Warehouse Management System? ERP?
Try out the most innovative input and output interface on the market and smoothly connect your e-commerce technology and all your services to

Keys to worldwide success..

Even the best translation is not necessarily enough to succeed abroad! That is why we recommend you to reconsider and adapt your strategy to the areas where you plan to sell your products. Our team supports you to build your global strategy step by step and provides you expert advices on the foreign markets you target. SAS


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